I have been painting since schooldays, when I benefitted from some inspiring art teachers and the example of a father who was an accomplished watercolourist and lover of the arts.
I studied History of Art as a component of my university degree.
Working as a teacher, I spent over 27 years in the Middle East, mainly Oman, where the stunning scenery and strong sunshine could hardly fail to inspire anyone with artistic leanings. While there, I developed my interest in landscape painting, working in watercolour, pastels and oils. For subject matter, I found much inspiration in the unspoilt remoter areas – deserts, mountains and coast - usually in the satisfying knowledge that I was probably the first person to paint many of my subjects. I exhibited regularly in Muscat and Dubai and found a ready market for my work among the local and expatriate communities and in the Royal Collections of Oman.
Returning to the UK in 2008 and now based in North Yorkshire, I have continued to paint both locally and further afield, while returning when possible to Oman to exhibit, secure commissions and find fresh subject matter.
My aspirations as an artist are simple: to successfully represent the aspects of a subject I find striking or beautiful, with particular attention to the effects of light. Working in what might be described as a conventional style, I am usually drawn towards traditionally picturesque subject matter.
All the paintings on this site are for sale unless marked NFS.
Prices range from UK£200 upwards. Please contact me for further details.